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Offer your patrons competetive rates

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A Dynamic Rates Comparison Plugin.

Get access to current OTA rates, a competitive edge you can turn into increased direct bookings!
Thus increasing revenue and lowering OTA commissions paid.

What we can help you with

Rate Parity Service

Get the rates of online travel agents for up to 90 days (basic contract) in advance to offer a similar deal to visitors, thereby circumventing Online Travel Agents.
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Monitor Competitors

Be up to date about your competitors price policy and make informed choices. This service is currently in beta stage. Please contact us about becoming a tester.
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Regain Direct Bookings
Despite using channel managers you will find OTA prices out of sync with yours. By offering a competetive deal to the visitor you are effectively putting yourself in a new negotiation position. Your offer will have an immediate impact on your patrons vacation, unlike reward-point schemes of agents.
  • By offering rate parity of OTA's and customised incentives to counter their payback scheme you will attract more direct bookings, thus lowering your overall commission payments to OTA's.
  • Cleverly designing your incentives can help you maximising throughput in your facilities, utilising free assets or even build relationships with surrounding businesses.
  • Treating your visitors and patrons in this transparent fashion will mirror within their social media accounts resulting in increased attention towards your brand and offer.

The underlying concept of rate parity

Why this works:
A significant percentage of people who book online will visit the website of the hotel in question. Either by direct search (as the original site is thought to carry the most up to date photo material) or by review sites to gather information about other peoples impressions and finally have a look on their own.
From experience and aided by studies over the last 5 years we can say with confidence that a majority of online customers do visit the properties website before placing a booking.
This means: by using our plugin a majority of the OTA's advertising budget effectively works into your hands!
Stronger Customer Relations
Offer the right incentives to your patrons and it is assured they will share this on social media. Not only do you have the credentials of the people that visit you, you also gain attention in their circle of friends, thus furthering brand recognition on a global level.
Decrease Your Dependency
By forging new and better relationships with your customers you will gain greater exposure through social media without heavy maintenance of your own resources. Use this attention to build brand awareness and spawn follow-up bookings.
There is nothing you could do to prevent visitor from comparing prices. By openly sharing and comparing OTA rates with yours (combined with incentives you offer), you will most certainly incerease your direct bookings.