Frequently Answered Questions:

in regards to products

My website works with system X can i use the ratesking plugin?

Yes. Regardless of the software used to deploy your website, the ratesking plugin will work. All client side code is written in ECMA compliant Javascript.

I have contracts with OTAs. What about the MFN clauses in their contracts?
If you're lucky and situated in the European Union, especially Germany, France, Italy or Switzerland, the courts are very likely to rule in your favor. Or in the named examples already have done so.
For everybody else there are legal ways around the "Most Favored Nation" clauses in OTA agreements.
  • by offering the room as package deal (i.e. with free WiFi) it escapes the scope of the MFN clause
  • by excluding certain room types from the ota listings, offering them to direct visitors instead
  • by making it a 'private' offer as part of a payback scheme
These loopholes also apply to the US market.
What kind of administrative work do i invite by using RatesKing?
None at all. Assuming you have a system in place to manage your customers.
All other information is collected on an automatic basis from sources of your choice. All your existing setups will be repurposed.
Are the rates provided in 'real-time'?
No. The amount of requests would look rather like an attack on the internets infrastructure.
The rates are collected by a semi-inteligent algorythm depending on their priority and are at most 30 minutes old.

Shortening the algorythms interval is possible yet with significantly higher resource use. Should you require more frequent checks please contact us for a quote.