Rate parity becomes feasible with this plugin!

Regain direct bookings and save huge amounts of OTA commissions.

Save on advertisement as you open other marketing channels.

Wish there was a way to increase your direct bookings?

Do you pay a lot of OTA (Online Travel Agency) commissions every year?

We have a tool that can help you grow your customer base significantly by simply taking advantage of a behavior that almost every online customer shows:

The Rate-Parity-Service supplies your visitor with current OTA rates - once you add incentives, the advantage of booking with you becomes obvious to the visitor.

What you stand to gain by using RatesKing

The advantages!

A wide range of incentives may be given to the customer so you effectively, but not literally, undercut the OTA's price. Any material offer will be valued higher than X amount of points in a payback scheme.

Improved customer relations and a stronger link to the patron makes it more likely that follow-up bookings will occur and/or social sharing will attract new visitors.

Improve your position in future negotiations with OTA's as you regain customers from them. Their marketing will effectively work for you as long as your offered incentive is attractive to visitors.

Your incentive could be anything from welcoming drinks, to free meals, to free Spa packages, or free entrance to local attractions - depending on your hotels budget.
Any incentive you choose to offer will me most certainly more cost effective than a 15%-20% commission to the OTA.

How does it work?

You are provided with a piece of code for easy integration into your website. This code will fetch the latest price information of the most relevant OTA's on your property, and inform the visitor accordingly.

As the visitor in all likelyhood just arrived from having at least checked one OTA, the rates will be familiar to them.

How could this affect me?

Calculate your case:

What about the OTA agreements?

If you happen to operate in Germany, France, Italy or Switzerland you already have legal backing to disregard the MFN clause in the OTA agreement. Meaning you may offer what you like to the price you like.

The MFN clause as such is on shaky grounds anyway as until now the courts preciding over the cases deemed it misused in this kind of contract. And if you operate in any other country than the above stated there are ways to circumvent the MFN clause legally:

  • by offering the room as package deal (i.e. with free WiFi) it escapes the scope of the MFN clause
  • by excluding certain room types from the ota listings, offering them to direct visitors instead
  • by making it a 'private' offer as part of a payback scheme

If the development of this subject interests you look out for news regarding 'rate parity' in your country or check back with us.